Tony DeAngelo suspended for multiple games

Published March 8, 2023 at 3:57 PM

In last night's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tony DeAngelo, a defender for the Philadelphia Flyers, lost his composure and delivered a deliberate spear to Corey Perry's groin. The Lightning were furious by the play and even told their own head coach that DeAngelo had "crossed the line".

Today the Department of Player Safety has announced that DeAngelo will be suspended for two games as a consequence of his unsportsmanlike conduct.

Philadelphia's Tony DeAngelo has been suspended for two games for Spearing Tampa Bay's Corey Perry.

Now the questions remains, is two games enough?
March 8   |   16 answers
Tony DeAngelo suspended for multiple games

Is 2 games enough?

Yes, 2 is enough318.8 %
No, 2 is too short1381.3 %
No, 20 is too long00 %
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