Travis Dermott Opens Up About Defying the NHL's Ban on Pride Tape

Published October 24, 2023 at 10:21

Coyotes defenseman Travis Dermott became the first player to openly defy the NHL's ban on pride tape. Now he has told us why he did it and what his thought process was.

Dermott Discusses Pride Tape Use

The NHL issued a league-wide statement just before the regular season started, stating that pride tape is banned from all NHL events including games and team practices. While many players shared their displeasure with the new rule, Travis Dermott put the money where his mouth is when he actually used the tape in the Coyotes home opener. This is what he had to say about the incident.

"You want to have everyone feel included and that's something that I have felt passionate about for a long time in my career. It's not like I just jumped on this train. It's something that I've felt has been lacking in the hockey community for a while. I feel like we need supporters of a movement like this; to have everyone feel included and really to beat home the idea that hockey is for everyone."

The NHL has been using the phrase 'hockey is for everyone' for a couple of years now as a way of marketing the game to more diverse crowds. The league's actions however, have repeatedly gone against their own slogan as Dermott astutely points out here. Interestingly, Dermott continued by stating he acted alone on this matter, clearing his team mates, coaches, and equipment staff.


"It was definitely something that I did just by myself and was prepared to kind of deal with whatever repercussions the league decides to push towards that. I'm not going to back off and say that this battle is won, but we're going to find better ways to do it."

It sounds like Dermott has been advised not to use the tape again as he wants to "find better ways to do it." It will be interesting to see if Dermott chooses to use the tape again or not.

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Travis Dermott Opens Up About Defying the NHL's Ban on Pride Tape

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