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BREAKING: NHL Under Fire Following New PWHL Announcement

Published February 28, 2024 at 4:29 PM

On Wednesday, the PWHL made a major announcement which has caused a stir with NHL fans on social media.

NHL Under Fire Following New PWHL Announcement

The PWHL introduced a distinctive playoff arrangement where the top-seeded team gets to pick its first-round opponent. Out of the six teams in the league standings, the top four qualify for the postseason, slated to start the week of May 6. The first seed will have a 24-hour window to decide between the third- and fourth-placed teams as its opponent.

The playoffs will consist of two best-of-five rounds. Montreal leads the league standings with 24 points, followed by Minnesota, Toronto, and Boston rounding out the top four.

«The perfect complement to the PWHL's standings structure, in which a team earns three points for a regulation victory, is a process that rewards competitiveness, parity, and integrity across the league throughout the regular-season,» PWHL senior vice president of hockey operations Jayna Hefford said in a statement. «Winning is prioritized for playoff positioning -- and non-playoff teams have to earn the first overall draft selection, rather than depend on a lottery or repeated losses to improve their chances of securing the top pick."

Additionally, the league introduced an innovative strategy to determine the 2024 draft order for teams not making the playoffs. Once a team is mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, it will start accumulating "draft order points" using the league's standard point system. The team with the most draft order points at the end of the season secures the first overall pick, while the runner-up receives the second selection.

Many fans are now questioning why the NHL isn't adopting a system similar to the PWHL format, sparking discussions on Twitter.

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BREAKING: NHL Under Fire Following New PWHL Announcement

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