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New professional hockey league set to challenge NHL in North America

Published May 10, 2024 at 3:23 PM

A new hockey league is set to shake up the North American scene and challenge the NHL as Major League Hockey (MLH) has just been announced.

The surprising news was first reported by Steve Dangle from SDPN in a video format, catching many off guard as there were no prior indications of a competitor emerging for the NHL anytime soon. It's worth noting the unconventional source of the announcement, with SDPN breaking the news instead of a major network.


A NEW pro hockey league is coming to North America! 3-on-3 Major League Hockey arrives THIS FALL!

@Steve_Dangle has the details! ⬇️

In the announcement video, Dangle unveiled key details about the new league. MLH's inaugural season is slated for later this year, featuring 3-on-3 action with teams consisting of three players each, all with professional experience. Other notable features include a $30 million salary cap, 14-man rosters, and a total of 16 teams across North America.

Major League Hockey | What We Know!

📆 Launching this Fall
🏒 3-on-3 Pro Hockey League
💰 $30M Salary Cap
🌎 16 North American teams
🔥 Players from Pro, Junior and College ranks

Initial fan reactions to the news were largely positive, although some expressed skepticism about the league's prospects for success. Concerns were raised about the financial viability and logistical challenges, especially considering hockey's relatively niche status in the U.S.

The financials of this don't make sense. Sounds like a fairytale idea that will go down in flames.

Despite the uncertainties, many are eagerly anticipating the debut of MLH, which is expected to coincide with the start of the 2024-25 NHL season.

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New hockey league coming to North America to compete with the NHL
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New professional hockey league set to challenge NHL in North America

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