Norris Trophy winning defenseman Erik Karlsson of the Pittsburgh Penguins
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Insider Links Erik Karlsson To Canadian Team

Published February 23, 2024 at 6:33 PM

When Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet speculates about potential NHL trades, it's bound to spark discussion, especially when it involves a scenario as significant as Erik Karlsson returning to a familiar destination.

Elliotte Friedman Links Erik Karlsson Back To Ottawa

Friedman recently mused about the idea in his 32 Thoughts column, emphasizing that it's purely his own pondering. He noted the presence of Daniel Alfredsson on the Senators bench and speculated whether the team might entertain the idea of reuniting Karlsson with his former teammate.

Marek just spitballing wonders about Erik Karlsson back in Ottawa, Friedman says if it were to happen Daniel Alfredsson would have to stay behind the bench as an assistant coach, both Alfie and EK think highly of each other.

With the Pittsburgh Penguins sitting eight points out of a playoff spot and showing signs of aging, there's a possibility that GM Kyle Dubas could consider selling off assets if they don't improve soon.

Karlsson, who turns 34 in May, remains one of the league's top defensemen, despite a slightly slower pace in Pittsburgh this season compared to his Norris Trophy-winning performance last year. His willingness to return to Ottawa has been previously mentioned.

Friedman adds the second Karlsson was traded from the Sens people in Ottawa told him that this isn't over and there will be a day when Karlsson returns, so that makes him think. Also adds that if PIT wants to get younger, moving EK back to Ottawa is one way to do it.

In any potential deal, Pittsburgh would likely seek younger talent, possibly involving players like Thomas Chabot or Josh Norris from Ottawa. However, such a move may not address the Senators pressing needs for defensive improvement and physicality.

Ultimately, while the idea of a Karlsson reunion with the Senators may stir nostalgic sentiments, it may not be the best move for the team's current objectives. As much as fans enjoy trade speculation, some notions are best left as just that, speculation.

Where do you think Karlsson ends his career?
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Insider Links Erik Karlsson To Canadian Team

Where do you think Karlsson ends his career?

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