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PK Subban Sends A Warning Shot To Connor Bedard And Trevor Zegras

Published December 25, 2023 at 10:20
PK Subban has sent a warning shot to Connor Bedard and Trevor Zegras for their lacrosse goals.

Lacrosse Goals Shine On Saturday

On the night before the holiday break, hockey fans witnessed a rare spectacle as both Connor Bedard and Trevor Zegras scored lacrosse-style goals. The unconventional move sparked a heated debate within the hockey community.

PK Subban's Unfiltered Take on the Controversial Move

Former NHL player PK Subban didn't hold back in sharing his thoughts on Bedard and Zegras' daring goals. In a candid social media post, he shared his truly unfiltered thoughts on the move.

"Trevor Zegras, Connor Bedard, absolutely disgusting. In that moment they expose not only the goaltender but all 5 players on the ice, embarrass them in front of 20,000 and millions of people watching from coast to coast. I think it's absolutely awesome."

Subban went further, revealing that if he were still playing, he might resort to physical harm against anyone attempting such a move.

"Is this great for the game? Well, I don't know. I'm telling you something, if I was playing, I'd probably take a swing at em."- PK Subban

While Subban's reactions remain speculative due to his retirement, his unfiltered opinions continue to fuel the ongoing debate in the hockey community.

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PK Subban Sends A Warning Shot To Connor Bedard And Trevor Zegras

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