KHL team planning to sign Alex Ovechkin

Published March 14, 2023 at 2:45 PM

Alex Ovechkin is without question the best goal scorer the NHL has ever seen. The Russian Superstar is chasing Wayne Gretzky's All-Time goal record. Ovechkin has 3-years remaining on his current contract to try and pass The Great One.

In the past, Ovechkin has shared his urge to return to Russia and finish his pro hockey career where his career began. Ovechkin started his professional career playing for Dynamo Moscow of the KHL and has made it clear that once his NHL career comes to an end, that's where he plans on retiring.

During a recent interview with MatchTV.ru, the General Manager, Anatoly Kharchuk shared that the team is already preparing to sign Ovechkin.

The following quote is translated from Russian:

So we're preparing it right now. Dynamo now has that age potential, which will peak at the moment when Sasha's NHL contract expires. I want him to have decent partners at that moment.

Ovechkin, who will be 40 when his deal expires played in Dynamo from 2001-2005. He also returned to Dynamo during the 2012 NHL lockup where he scored 40 points in 31 games. So it seems like only a matter of time before Ovi, returns home.
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