QMJHL Defenseman Forced to Retire at 19 After Shocking Diagnosis

Published October 31, 2023 at 9:31

Hockey is a physically demanding sport that can have lasting health repercussions for its players. A young hockey athlete recently decided to hang up his skates due to the health complications he faced from the game.

QMJHL Player Steps Away Due to Severe Concussion

Charlottetown Islanders forward Lane Hinkley has announced his retirement from the sport today.

On Monday, defensemen Lane Hinkley announced his retirement from hockey due to medical reasons.

Hinkley's health problems stem from multiple concussions. Hockey journalist Rick Westhead managed to get Hinkley's comments on his retirement.

19-year-old Lane Hinkley: «Too many hits, too many punches, too many concussions that I didn't properly heal from. The doctor said my MRI showed there is a 25mm by 17mm lesion on my brain Currently, I am at risk for CTE and early dementia.»

It's distressing to think that a 19-year-old could face severe health issues like CTE and dementia. This concern partly led the QMJHL to implement a significant rule adjustment this past summer.

QMJHL Prohibits Fighting

Earlier in the summer, the QMJHL chose to prohibit fighting in an effort to safeguard its young players and emphasize their talents. The announcement met with mixed reactions from the public.

It's official! Rule changes in regards to fighting will be applied as of this season. #QMJHL

Even with the absence of fighting, the QMJHL's quality of play remains consistent a few months into the season.

Though the no-fighting rule came too late to aid Lane Hinkley's career, it's a commendable move towards ensuring a safer playing environment. This initiative might influence other leagues in the future.
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QMJHL Defenseman Forced to Retire at 19 After Shocking Diagnosis

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