Footage of U-Mich Hockey Player's Hate Crime Released to the Public

Published October 3, 2023 at 11:17

In the world of hockey, there's a mix of both inspiring stories and unfortunate events. Recently, a particularly shocking incident involving a University of Michigan player has come to light, leading to his removal from the team.

Hockey Player Removed From Team After Unnacceptable Acts


Details have emerged that Johnny Druskinis, a defenseman for the Wolverines, was dismissed from the team. The reason? He was found to have defaced the Jewish Resource Center at the University by spray-painting derogatory remarks and an offensive image.

Newly released footage offers a clear view of the incident. Unquestionably, it portrays him negatively, as such acts of antisemitism are unequivocally unacceptable in today's society.

Completely Unnacceptable Hate Crime

What's even more shocking is that this defacement took place during the day. Pedestrians passed by, seemingly indifferent to the act of hate unfolding before their eyes. You can witness the scene for yourself in the video linked below.

Given the gravity of his actions, the decision to remove him from the team is justified. Such behavior has no place in sports or any other platform.

As seen on House of Hockey - Viral Footage Of The University Of Michigan Hockey Player's Crime Released To The Public
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Footage of U-Mich Hockey Player's Hate Crime Released to the Public

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