Hockey Dad Gets Involved in On-Ice Chaos at Children's Game

Published October 2, 2023 at 10:09 PM

In a recent viral video, a hockey dad can be seen getting involved in an on-ice brawl at a children's hockey game.

Chaos Ensues as Dad Scales Boards During On-Ice Brawl

During what appears to be a minor hockey game, a huge line brawl broke out after a player laid a massive hit as time expired in the game. Almost immediately a brawl broke out featuring nearly every player on the ice.

What's worse is that a parent can be seen going wild as the brawl ensues. He can be seen hammering the glass with his fists and then scaling the boards to yell at either the players or the refs. It is hard to distinguish whether he is cheering players on or yelling at them, however either is unacceptable behaviour.

Take a look for yourself.

Just had this sent to me. Hockey parents need to figure it out.

This is embarrassing.

Fight Breaks Out Between Parents as Crazy Dad Jumps Off Boards

Clearly, this didn't sit right with other parents in the stands, as another fight broke out between the dad who climbed the glass and another parent almost immediately after he jumped down from the glass.

This type of behaviour is never appropriate and is a mark on the game of hockey. There should be calls to ban the Dad from this arena and potentially others.
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Hockey Dad Gets Involved in On-Ice Chaos at Children's Game

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