Anaheim Ducks goaltender Lukas Dostal playing against the Toronto Maple Leafs
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Toronto Fires Back At Anaheim In Ongoing Feud Embarrassing Themselves Even Further

Published January 5, 2024 at 5:43 PM
The Toronto Sun is not exactly the most reputable Toronto-based news organization. Over the last couple of days, they have proven once again why their reputation is so poor as they have gotten into a petty argument online with the Anaheim Ducks after the site published a disrespectful headline about one of their players.

Toronto Sun Doubles Down In Feud With Anaheim Ducks

The new organization garnered headlines yesterday after they published an article about the Leafs-Ducks game in which they referred to Anaheim's rookie goaltender Lukas Dostal as a 'no-name goalie.'

Auston Matthews saves day in OT after no-name goalie vexes Maple Leafs

The Ducks were quick to respond, defending their goaltender by putting some respect on his name.

His name is Lukas Dostal. He had 55 saves last night. He was NHL Rookie of the Month in October.

Be better, @TheTorontoSun.

Many thought this was where the drama would end. Unfortunately, the Toronto Sun felt the need to add fuel to the fire as they responded to this post with a follow up article, doubling down on their disrespect for Dostal and the Ducks.

Fans Call Out Toronto Sun For Immature Behavior

All of this lead to fans on social media calling out the Sun for their unacceptable behavior online. One fan called them out for publishing the new article under an anonymous name.

If you are going to publish something dumb like this, at least put your name on it instead of hiding behind a Postmedia Sports author byline

Other fans piled on, adding their thoughts to the conversation, mostly defending the Ducks and calling out the Sun.

I don't think you realize how terribly you're about to get ratio'd by the ANAHEIM DUCKS admin...of all the teams to yap about dude, you picked the wrong one

As one of my friends said the "no name goalie" writes the no name journalist

Hopefully, the Toronto Sun will realize their mistakes and adjust their behavior accordingly. Most fans probably are not holding out hope for this to happen though.

As seen on Toronto publication embarrasses itself even further
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Toronto Fires Back At Anaheim In Ongoing Feud Embarrassing Themselves Even Further

Can the Toronto Sun ever change their reputation?

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