Boston Bruins forwards Pat Maroon and David Pastrnak
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Pat Maroon sends a warning to Matthew Tkachuk

Published May 10, 2024 at 4:27 PM

In anticipation of game 3 between the Boston Bruins and the Florida Panthers, Bruins enforcer Pat Maroon issued a warning to Matthew Tkachuk following an incident involving David Pastrnak in game 2.

During the previous matchup, Pastrnak engaged in a fight with Tkachuk after the Panthers forward provoked him on the ice. Maroon, looking ahead to their next encounter, cautioned Tkachuk for his actions towards Pastrnak. He mentioned that a fight between him and Tkachuk is unlikely, as they probably won't be on the ice together.

Maroon expressed dissatisfaction with Tkachuk's treatment of Pastrnak, particularly his actions when Pastrnak was on the ground. Despite this, Maroon emphasized the importance of focusing on their team's performance and channeling their anger and intensity into their play.

"I mean Tkachuk's not going to fight me ... Just got to take numbers ... Obviously I didn't like how he hit [Pastrnak] on the ground twice ... I'll probably never play against Tkachuk anyway, so let's be realistic."

Following the Bruins' 6-1 loss in game 2, Maroon stressed the need for the team to play with more intensity and anger, especially regarding their own performance.

"I think we should be pissed off. Especially about our game, most importantly. Their stuff, whatever...we gotta be mad here, play with intensity, play the way we're supposed to be playing."

While Maroon's warning adds intrigue to the upcoming game, fans may wonder if a confrontation between Maroon and Tkachuk will materialize.

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Pat Maroon warns Matthew Tkachuk for game 3
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Pat Maroon sends a warning to Matthew Tkachuk

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