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REPORT: Noah Hanifin's No-Trade List Revealed

Published February 21, 2024 at 7:37 PM

Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin is drawing attention as the trade deadline approaches. Insider Elliotte Friedman revealed on the weekend that his days in Calgary are coming to an end and it's unlikely he'll stay in Canada.

Insider Leaks Hanifin's No-Trade List

According to Chris Johnston, Hanifin has put all Canadian teams on his modified eight-team no-trade list, indicating a preference for a move south of the border. His current contract pays him an average of $4.95 million per season.

«The (Calgary) Flames have made a concerted effort to sign the pending unrestricted free-agent defenseman. And they may still have another push to try to get that done. But with a little bit more than two weeks to go before the deadline, it's seeming increasingly likely that 27-year-old defenseman will be moved elsewhere. He's got some say in the matter. He's got eight teams on a no-trade clause - a limited no-trade clause. I'm told that they're not all Canadian teams and that there's maybe an open destination there. But the feeling is he's going to end up south of the border because it is believed to be his preference to sign his next contract somewhere in the U.S. As we look for destinations where he might land there's a number of teams with interest but keep your eye on the Tampa Bay Lightning . They're always the stealth operators at the deadline and they're believed to be looking at him with Mikhail Sergachev out injured.»

The Tampa Bay Lightning are rumored to be heavily interested, especially with defenseman Mikhail Sergachev injured. According to insider Frank Seravalli, it appears Hanifin has informed the Flames his desire to end his career in Tampa Bay.

Other potential landing spots include the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, in need of defensive help, are hindered by Hanifin's no-trade list, making it difficult for them to acquire him.

Hanifin, a Boston native, seems eager to return to the U.S., potentially influencing his decision on Calgary's future. Keep an eye on this situation as the trade deadline approaches. Hanifin was originally drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes in 2015 and was traded to Calgary in 2018.

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REPORT: Noah Hanifin's No-Trade List Revealed

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