Adult Model Makes Another Attempt to Get With Connor Bedard

Published October 18, 2023 at 10:53

Bedard Emerges as the NHL's Newest Star


Connor Bedard has quickly risen to stardom in the NHL. Such rapid fame, especially at the tender age of 18, often brings intense popularity and the pressure that accompanies it.

Recently, it came to light that TikTok sensation Breckie Hill attempted to catch Bedard's attention via Instagram.

For those who missed it, check out:

TikTok Personality Reaches Out to Bedard on Instagram

She has now made a more direct move.

Breckie Hill Will be at Bedard's Game in Colorado


Hill has shared on TikTok that she intends to be present at Bedard's upcoming game in Colorado.

Here's her announcement:

@breckiehill Responding to @Cole ♬ Hoes Come Easy - RJMrLA

It remains unclear where Hill will be seated during the game. However, if she's positioned near the ice or players' bench, she might seize the opportunity to catch Bedard's eye.

Stay tuned for further updates.

As seen on Markerzone - Adult Model Takes the Next Step in Trying to Woo Bedard
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Adult Model Makes Another Attempt to Get With Connor Bedard

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