BREAKING: Bedard Faces Fine by the League

Published October 10, 2023 at 8:16 PM

Latest Update: Connor Bedard Ignores NHL's Helmet Rule, Chooses to Pay Fine Instead

Bedard Skips Helmet During His NHL Debut Warmup, Faces Penalty

Recently, the NHL updated its regulations to ensure newcomers wear their helmets during warmups. This change was prompted by concerns from GMs over rising injuries from stray pucks and sticks.

Yet, Connor Bedard chose to disregard this adjustment and took to the ice helmet-free.

Bedard skipped the helmet during the warm-up of his inaugural game.

He's clearly unfazed by your $2,500 fine, Gary 😂

Traditionally, NHL rookies relish their initial warmup session without helmets. It seems Bedard was no different, prioritizing tradition over the new rule. This decision will lighten his wallet by a few thousand dollars, but for the budding star, it might have been worth the statement.
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BREAKING: Bedard Faces Fine by the League

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