Blackhawks Head Coach Finally Calls Out Connor Bedard for His Bad Attitude

Published October 4, 2023 at 9:41

Connor Bedard is undoubtedly a unique talent, one that doesn't come around often. His maturity and skill level are undeniable, but his tendency to be overly self-critical might be a double-edged sword.

Sustainable Success Requires a Balanced Mindset

Connor Bedard's passion for hockey shines through every move he makes on the ice. His exceptional shot and unparalleled hockey IQ mark him as one of the promising stars. Yet, his inability to deal with losses and mistakes with equanimity might be a hindrance, especially given the challenges posed by the current Blackhawks lineup.

Learning to Embrace Both Wins and Failures

Luke Richardson, the Blackhawks' head coach, weighed in on Bedard's self-critical nature:

"[Bedard is] hard on himself, so we're going to have to lighten him up and make sure he enjoys these times. Because wins in the NHL are hard to come by - and once it starts for real, they're really hard to come by. We have to make sure we enjoy the night and have a little fun when you win a game.

A couple of those hiccups, [like] when we missed an open net or fell down on a 2-on-0, we have to make some humor out of that and make it fun to come to the rink the next day, not tense and grinding the stick. There's enough of that."

While Bedard's drive and commitment are commendable, he'll need to strike a balance to ensure a long and successful NHL career.

Remembering that hockey is, at its core, just a game, may be what Bedard needs.

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Blackhawks Head Coach Finally Calls Out Connor Bedard for His Bad Attitude

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