MAJOR: Viral Corey Perry Rumor Has Been Officially Shut Down By Journalist

Published November 27, 2023 at 9:29 PM

Chicago Blackhawks Journalist Debunks False Corey Perry Rumor

Chicago Blackhawks beat writer Charlie Roumeliotis has officially confirmed that the circulating Corey Perry rumor is entirely false. Addressing the speculation on social media, Roumeliotis emphasizes that the rumor is baseless and urges everyone to disregard it.

The unfounded rumor suggested that Perry's absence from the team was due to a disciplinary violation related to an inappropriate relationship with a teammate's mother, specifically rumored to be Connor Bedard's mother. The rumor stemmed from the mothers joining the team on a recent road trip.

While covering the story to debunk the false claims, it is highlighted that insiders deny any truth to the rumors. Bedard's recent comments about Perry's absence also indicate that there is no belief among the players that such an inappropriate relationship took place.

The situation underscores the potential pitfalls when an organization doesn't provide information about a player's absence, leading to unfounded rumors and speculations. The impact of such baseless stories can create a negative atmosphere around the team.

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MAJOR: Viral Corey Perry Rumor Has Been Officially Shut Down By Journalist

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