Adam Fantilli to Recieve Fine Ahead of First NHL Game

Published October 12, 2023 at 7:18 PM

Adam Fantilli's NHL career officially starts tonight, yet the youngster is already causing trouble for the NHL. With his first NHL game just barely getting underway, the rookie has made himself a target for the league.

Fantilli Will Recieve Fine

As Adam Fantilli took the ice for the first time in his NHL career tonight, many fans noticed that he wasn't wearing a helmet, which is in direct violation of the NHL's rulebook.


The penalty for not wearing a helmet during warmups is a $2,500 fine, and while we're sure many players don't enjoy having to pay that, it seems like the experience was worth it in Fantilli's eyes.

Trailblazer or Rip-Off?

There's something to be said about letting your mullet breathe as you take the ice for the first time in the NHL. We're sure Fantilli was ecstatic as he took his rookie lap tonight, but was it really all that original?

Just a few nights ago, fellow 2023 draftee Connor Bedard and his teammate Kevin Korschinski took their rookie laps, with neither sporting a helmet. The two were also fined by the league for this.

No bucky Bedard hits the ice for his Rookie Lap

This begs the question of whether or not Fantilli was inspired by Bedard to not wear his helmet tonight. Either way, we're sure that Fantilli was happy with his decision, and wish him a great game!

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Adam Fantilli to Recieve Fine Ahead of First NHL Game

Should the NHL let rookies go helmet-less for warm-ups?

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