Boston Bruins broadcaster Jack Edwards
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Gord Miller and Tim Peel blast Jack Edwards for his shameful comments

Published May 2, 2024 at 9:43

During the Boston Bruins game 5 loss, Jack Edwards, the passionate legendary Bruins commentator, let loose one of his trademark outbursts, calling referee Steve Kozari a coward for not explaining a penalty to Charlie McAvoy.

Mcavoy is seeking an explanation from Steve Kozari, and Kozari is the first official to exit the ice, Coward!

Tim Peel, the controversial former NHL referee who found himself ousted from the League in 2021 for making a call because he felt like it, couldn't resist weighing in on Edwards' fiery comments.

I think Jack Edwards may be having some health issues and I sympathize with that. But calling Referee #40 Steve Kozari a coward is despicable. Kozari was carried off on a stretcher 3 weeks ago in Pittsburg in a collision with Hayden Fleury of #GoBolts Last year he fat shamed Pat Maroon. Very sad Jack!

As expected, Peel's post ignited a social media storm, with many recalling his controversial exit from the league. Naturally, Peel felt he had to defend himself amidst the backlash.

Here's what fellow broadcaster Gord Miller had to say about Jack Edwards.

Steve Kozari is back working in the playoffs three weeks after being taken off the on a stretcher following a horrific collision with Tampa's Haydn Fleury. He's not a coward.

One fan stood firmly with Edwards, stating,

I stand with Jack Edwards. To take a swipe at him by citing a health issue is uncalled for and a cheap shot. This has nothing to do with Kozari getting hurt during a game. It has to do with his integrity and questionable judgment as he has a poor track record with his objectiveness when working Boston Bruins games.

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Gord Miller and Tim Peel blast Jack Edwards for his shameful comments

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