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New Jersey Devils Find Loophole And Bypass An NHL Rule

Published December 21, 2023 at 7:25 PM
The NHL has been putting the hammer down on teams supporting causes by wearing Pride and military/camo jerseys. It seems the New Jersey Devils may have just found a loophole.

New Jersey Devils Find Loophole To Wear Pride Jerseys

The NHL clearly doesn't want any special night jerseys worn on the ice. However, the Devils have found a way to wear pride jerseys without breaking the leagues rules.

Here are the @NJDevils Pride Night jerseys, custom designed by local artist Kathryn Kennedy.

They will be worn during player arrivals will be auctioned between Dec. 21-28, with proceeds benefiting Hyacinth.

Again: Players can wear them anywhere in the building except the ice.

By having players wear the jerseys during their entrance to the rink and not on the ice, the team can still send raise money for charity. While the NHL has imposed restrictions on using pride tape and designs on goalie helmets, players in the league have been actively challenging these regulations.

Players Have Been Fighting Back Against NHL Rules

Marc-Andre Fleury took a stand of solidarity with his wife and incurred fines for wearing an indigenous themed goalie mask. When the league discovered this, they issued a threat to fine the team if he continued wearing the helmet. Despite the consequences, Fleury opted to defy the warning and wore the helmet on the ice.

In another case, Philipp Grubauer of the Seattle Kraken also supported the indigenous community through a themed helmet. Grubauer was able to identify a loophole in the NHL's rules. By wearing the helmet more than once he found out that the league could not fine him, as it would no longer be considered a specialty helmet.

These pushbacks against the NHL emphasize the players' determination to express their individuality and support meaningful causes through their on-ice equipment.
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New Jersey Devils Find Loophole And Bypass An NHL Rule

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