Has Alexis Lafreniere Played His Last Game in a Rangers Uniform?

Published October 2, 2023 at 7:13 PM

Lafrenière's Performance Raises Eyebrows

The preseason, although not determinant of the regular season, plays a pivotal role for those aspiring to solidify their positions in the world's premier hockey league.

While some players, secure in their roster spots, may exhibit a more relaxed approach, newcomers often display fervor comparable to playoff games.

Expectations vs. Reality: Lafrenière's Commitment in Question

While star players are often forgiven for not fully exerting themselves during the preseason, this leniency is typically earned through sustained, high-level performance, winning the fans' grace. Alexis Lafrenière, it appears, hasn't yet earned such allowances from Rangers' fans.


During a game between the Rangers and the Islanders, Lafrenière's noticeable lack of pursuit for a puck mid-play has sparked discontent amongst fans.

His seeming indifference placed him significantly out of position, leading to a successful goal for the Islanders.

Beautiful feed from Lee to Pageau after Gauthier starts the play

The incident has stirred a wave of criticism and disappointment, with some fans openly expressing their frustration and questioning his place on the team.

I would cut Alexis Lafrenière from my hockey team tomorrow for this bullshit. Biggest bust in NHL history.

A Crucial Season for Lafrenière

Lafrenière, once projected as a forthcoming NHL sensation after being the 2020 NHL entry draft's first overall pick by the Rangers, has yet to meet the lofty expectations set for him.

He has managed a career-high of only 39 points and hasn't surpassed the 20-goal threshold.

This season emerges as a crucial juncture for Lafrenière to prove whether he can elevate his game to NHL stardom or if he will remain a peripheral scorer in search of stability within the league.

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Has Alexis Lafreniere Played His Last Game in a Rangers Uniform?

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