Matt Rempe facing major criticism for his off-ice actions

Dawson McKenzie
March 25, 2024  (12:53)

Matt Rempe during a game for the New York Rangers
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Matt Rempe is facing some criticism for his recent off-ice actions towards Nathan Bastian who was injured.

Matt Rempe seems to be toeing the line between being a player who understands his role as an instigator and a player who is downright dirty. While he made his name early in the year as someone who can fight, he has gone a bit rogue in recent games delivering hits that have crossed a line.
Now, fans are claiming that Rempe has no respect off the ice, either. One fan took to social media to share an image, claiming that Rempe signed a picture of Nathan Bastian sitting on the ice injured.
My friend saw this on Facebook today.

Rempe is a scumbag

Imagine signing a photo of a player you injured that you aren't even IN?

These days it is hard to tell what is real and what is fake online, as some people will do anything for clicks.

There is no telling whether or not this is a real signature from Rempe, and whether or not the underlying story of him laughing while he signed it was true. Even if it is his real signature, there is a plausible explanation that he was signing a bunch of things without even paying attention to what he was doing.
However, what does remain is Rempe's on-ice play, which has been going a bit overboard lately. Rempe was suspended for 4 games for elbowing during the Rangers game against the Devils. Now, he has claimed that he has learned from his mistakes and will clean up his game.
Matt Rempe, talking after his suspension: «I made a mistake. I didn't know I actually clipped him.» Said he never wants to hurt anyone.

We will see how Rempe's game changes when he returns to the lineup, as he was healthy scratched in his first eligible game the other night.
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Matt Rempe facing major criticism for his off-ice actions

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