Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson's suspension on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Noah Gregor
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Tom Wilson makes a shocking decision following his 6-game suspension

Published March 25, 2024 at 11:50

Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson made a shocking move following his 6-game suspension for his vicious slash on Toronto Maple Leafs forward Noah Gregor.

It wasn't surprising when the NHL called for Tom Wilson to have an in-person hearing after his high stick on Noah Gregor of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Although the play was penalized during the game, it didn't garner much attention from the Leafs players at the time.

However, the NHL took notice after the game and called for the in-person hearing, resulting in a six-game suspension for Wilson. Interestingly, Wilson and the Capitals decided not to appeal the suspension, which was unexpected.

NEWS: Tom Wilson of @Capitals and the NHLPA have declined to file an appeal of his 6-game suspension for high-sticking, a source tells ESPN.

Wilson has a history of suspensions, likely influencing his decision not to appeal. Additionally, the appeal process is seen as flawed, with the final decision resting with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who typically supports the Department of Player Safety's rulings.

While Capitals fans may be concerned about Wilson's absence during this crucial part of the season, with the team battling for a playoff spot, they'll have to manage without his contributions on the ice.

Meanwhile, Leafs fans may appreciate seeing justice served, as their team has often been labeled as soft despite facing numerous suspensions.

Wilson's absence will be felt by the Capitals, given his significant contributions this season, boasting 17 goals and 15 assists.

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Tom Wilson makes a shocking decision following his 6-game suspension

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