Former Ottawa Senators forward Bobby Ryan and Tim Stutzle
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Bobby Ryan Takes A Major Shot At Ottawa Senators Star Tim Stutzle

Published March 3, 2024 at 9:59 PM

Tim Stutzle, a forward for the Ottawa Senators, has garnered an unfavorable reputation in the National Hockey League due to his behavior on the ice. He's been accused of diving by notable NHL figures and even enraged several NHL head coaches, leading to a perception of him as a soft player.

Bobby Ryan Calls Out Tim Stutzle

Often, such perceptions are dismissed as mere noise for fans and media entertainment. However, in Stutzle's case, this perception may extend beyond just observers to his fellow players. This was starkly evident in a recent incident involving former Ottawa Senator Bobby Ryan.

On a Sunday morning, Ryan engaged with fans on social media, but when the topic shifted to Stutzle, things took a negative turn. One fan, @Tchuk_Norris_79, criticized Stutzle's ability to perform in the playoffs, claiming he's too soft.

Ryan's response highlights just how deeply entrenched Stutzle's negative reputation has become within the NHL community.

While criticism from fans and media is one thing, it carries more weight when it comes from a respected former Ottawa Senators player.

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Bobby Ryan Takes A Major Shot At Ottawa Senators Star Tim Stutzle

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