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Craig Berube Responds To Jordan Kyrou After He Blasted Him In Front Of The Media

Published December 21, 2023 at 0:25

St. Louis Blues forward Jordan Kyrou faced some backlash from fans after his response to the termination of head coach Craig Berube last week. Kyrou's "I've got no comment, he's not my coach anymore" statement elicited boos from fans, leading the player to tears following the game.

"I definitely heard those," Kyrou said on the boos. "It's not easy. I see where they're coming from with my comments on it."

"I obviously respect Chief [Berube], He's been my coach the whole time I've been here," Kyrou continued. "I respect everything he's done here. He's done a great job; he's won a Cup. All I really meant was I'm just trying to focus on my future and focus on what I can do to help my team win."

Former St Louis Blues Head Coach Craig Berube understands that Kyrou may have been caught off-guard and has offered his official reaction. He stated that he has no issue with the young player and appreciates his efforts on the ice. Berube also noted that Kyrou reached out to him.

"He reached out, for sure. Listen, I've got no issue with him," Berube said. "He got caught off-guard and didn't know what to say. He's young, a lot of these young guys get asked questions at the time and they're not thinking like they should think and it's tough for them.

"I was happy for Jordan, he came back and had a good game against Dallas, a very good team, so he's performed well. He'll be fine."

Reflecting on his termination, Berube mentioned that he sensed it was coming, especially after losses to Columbus and Chicago. Despite the challenges, he remains focused on winning hockey games.

"For sure. Especially when you go into Columbus and then to Chicago and you lose those two games," Berube said. "Where you're at, you need to win those games. Those are winnable hockey games. And then you come home, and you lose to Detroit, you think about it a little bit, but it really doesn't cross my mind that much. I'm just trying to focus on the games and what we've got to do to win hockey games.

"But, you do have a little bit of a feeling that it could come to an end for sure."

As for Kyroo, I wasn't too worried about him. He didn't let the heat affect him and in fact went on to play some of his best hockey of his career over the past week or so. He's a heart and soul player and fans acknowledge that.

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Craig Berube Responds To Jordan Kyrou After He Blasted Him In Front Of The Media

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