Jordan Binnington Baits Justin Bieber In A Desperate Attempt To Make It To All-Star Game

Tyler Ball
January 13, 2024  (3:13 PM)

Saint Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington making a save during a road game in the NHL.
Photo credit: Sportsnet

Saint Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington is making a push to be one of the goaltenders to represent the West in Toronto. He is using the popularity and a previous bet with Toronto and Canadian music legend Justin Bieber to plead his case.

Bieber Teases Involvement In The Upcoming All-Star Game

A recent video by the Toronto Maple Leafs on X has teased the involvement of Toronto native and Maple Leafs fan Justin Bieber in the festivities.
In the video Bieber is given a Carlton The Bear stuffed animal along with a message from Auston Matthews confirming that Bieber will be in Toronto for All-Star weekend. Once his appearance was confirmed goaltender Jordan Binnington took to social media to use Bieber to get himself into the All-Star game.

Binnington Uses Bieber In Desperate Attempt To Make The All-Star Game/h2>

In a social media post on X Saint Louis Blues goalie Jordan Binnington used his history with Justin Bieber to try and get votes for the All-Star game. Binnington and Bieber had a history after Binnington challenged Bieber to a breakaway challenge. Bieber at the time accepted if the loser would give $10,000 to the other's charity of choice.
The one-on-one never did end up taking place. Binnington believes the All-Star game in Toronto would be the perfect setting to finally see this happen. He is therefore trying to use this bet that people have wanted to see as an avenue into the All-Star Game.
The bet still stands @justinbieber

If you want to see it happen folks then this fella needs some retweets and votes!
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#NHLAllStarVote & #JordanBinnington #ShootersShoot

When Binnington made the post he was nowhere near high enough in votes to be in the All-Star Game.
It will be fascinating to see if first of all the marketing campaign on behalf of Binnington leads to an All-Star appearance. If Binnington does indeed make the game then we need a collaboration with Bieber to finally see who would win this matchup.
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Jordan Binnington Baits Justin Bieber In A Desperate Attempt To Make It To All-Star Game

Who would win the 1v1?

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Justin Bieber4937.7 %
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