Maple Leafs Ready To Flex Financial Muscle And Exploit NHL Loophole

Published November 17, 2023 at 3:00 PM

The Maple Leafs have Been Struggling with the salary cap essentially the entire time the core-four has been together. Now they may have found an option to give them a little bit of breathing room.

Maple Leafs To Take Advantage Of LTIR Rules to Gain Cap Space

When Brad Treliving brought in veteran defenseman John Klingberg to the Leafs this offseason he was likely hoping he would play better than he has so far. Through 14 games, he has just 5 assists.

He did miss the Leafs last game with an injury, but many fans thought it was a phantom ailment, designed to give the veteran some time to reset after a brutal performance. Now though, it seems as though the injury is legitimate and it could be worse than expected. Apparently, Klingberg is dealing with a flare up of a reoccurring issue he's dealt with throughout his career.

"It's always been there throughout my career, but I've been able to deal with it.... It kind of hit a rock bottom here these last few weeks."

Leafs Getting Cap Space Anyway They Can

If Klingberg does in fact go on LTIR, his 4.125 million dollar cap hit could provide some much needed cap relief for the Leafs. That being said, Klingberg is not going to just let the team put him on LTIR without trying to play first.

Notably, Klingberg did participate in morning practice with the team in Sweden, but he will not play in the team's game today.

The veteran blueliner remains optimistic that he will be able to return this season. Doing so would put the team right back in the cap situation they've been in all season, which could complicate the team's plans.

"John Klingberg says his injury is something he's been managing throughout his career. Unsure if he can play Sunday. Says at least it's a good sign he felt well enough to skate today. Optimistic this won't derail his season."

The Leafs are currently taking on the Red Wings all the way from Stockholm Sweden.

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Maple Leafs Ready To Flex Financial Muscle And Exploit NHL Loophole

Will Klingberg play again this season?

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