NHL Executives Unveal Exactly What William Nylander's New Contract Will Look Like

Published November 20, 2023 at 11:49

NHL GMs Weigh In On Nylander's Market Value


The decision not to trade William Nylander is proving to be a masterstroke for Brad Treliving, the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Nylander's phenomenal performance this season, with a point in every game and a total of 27 points in 17 games, raises a crucial question: What should his next contract look like?

As Nylander's current contract nears its end, the focus is on the value of his next deal. His performance warrants a significant increase from his current $6.9 million AAV, but determining the right figure that balances his worth and the team's budget is complex.

Pierre LeBrun of the Athletic asked this question to NHL General Managers, uncovering insights from two executives on what they believe Nylander should earn.

Team exec No. 1

«This is a very similar situation to Boston with (David) Pastrnak. Pastrnak signed in March (eight years, $11.25 million) of a season he finished with 61 goals and 113 points. So to me, the fair number would be eight years north of $11 million. I know Matthews is at $13.25 million, but only four-year term. If Nylander goes eight years at $11.5 million, that's $92 million guaranteed dollars where he would have to get over $13 million externally on a 7-year deal to match that money, which is hard to do.»

Team exec No. 2

«I don't see how it's less than $11 million, given the rising cap and the season he's having unless he wants to take a discount to go to a destination of choice. On a seven- to eight-year deal, that is.»

Nylander's High Value Challenges Toronto's Salary Structure

Accommodating a potential $11 million-plus contract for Nylander will be challenging for the Leafs, who already have Matthews at $13.25 million, Tavares at $11 million, and Marner at $10.9 million. However, the consensus is that Nylander's value will be around the $10 million mark.

"If I'm Nylander's camp, why wouldn't I be starting with Marner's number?"

This morning on #FirstUp, we continued our discussion around William Nylander's contract situation and asked @djpoulin20 about the starting point in negotiations.

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To balance the books, John Tavares might be the one to take a pay cut in his next contract. Known for his deep connection with the franchise, it's plausible that Tavares, as he gets older, would accept a lower salary to stay with his hometown team and enhance their championship aspirations.


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NHL Executives Unveal Exactly What William Nylander's New Contract Will Look Like

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