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Friedman reveals exactly what's next for the Maple Leafs

Published May 8, 2024 at 4:18 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have entered their offseason mode, with players and head coach Sheldon Keefe already conducting their exit interviews.

Now, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman predicts that the team will start making significant offseason moves, possibly as early as today.

Friedman, known for his reliable insights, discussed the Leafs extensively on the "32 Thoughts" podcast this morning. He hinted that the team is prepared to move past their recent first-round playoff exit and focus on necessary changes.

While he didn't explicitly state whether Keefe would be fired, Friedman acknowledged that major decisions are likely forthcoming in the coming days.

«I think I have a little bit of a better idea of why this week is unfolding as it is. You know, the players and Sheldon Keefe had their availability on MondayI think Wednesday is an important day in terms of meeting and planning In the organization. I don't know exactly who's all going to be in this, I don't know exactly when it's all going to happenbut I do think Wednesday is a day where they're really going to start to drill down on where things are going to go here over the next little while.

Fans speculated that Friedman's comments hinted at Keefe's imminent dismissal, suggesting that the team may have waited a few days out of respect, especially considering Keefe's recent induction into the Brampton sports hall of fame.

Sounds very much like "they're going to fire Keefe but they don't wanna ruin his Hall of Fame celebration or the draft lottery so they're just waiting for the best time to can his ass" - is what I took from this lol

There's also speculation that the team will announce their new head coach soon, possibly on Friday, coinciding with the management's end-of-season exit interviews.

Have a feeling Keefe is fired today or tomorrow, and an explanation on Friday... probably new head coach announced next week at latest, Friday at the earliest. Just my gut.

Friedman and Marek discussed various NHL topics on the full "32 Thoughts" podcast, covering playoffs to draft lottery. Fans can access the full show through the provided link.

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Elliotte Friedman breaks down exactly what's ahead for the Maple Leafs
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Friedman reveals exactly what's next for the Maple Leafs

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