Pierre Lebrun drops a major trade update on Mitch Marner

Samer Dagher
May 22, 2024  (12:02)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner
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NHL insider Pierre LeBrun dropped a massive update on a potential Mitch Marner trade for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Mitch Marner has been the subject of trade rumors since the Leafs were eliminated, but today NHL insider Pierre LeBrun dampened those rumors somewhat.
The speculation reignited after the Nashville Predators traded defenseman Ryan McDonagh back to the Tampa Bay Lightning, freeing up about $7 million in cap space. The Predators have been linked to Marner, so this move drew attention across the league.
In response to whether he'd be interested in acquiring Marner with now $25 million in cap room, Predators GM Barry Trotz humorously shrugged it off as «just rumors.»
I asked Barry Trotz if he'd be interested in acquiring Mitch Marner, with now some $25 million in cap room.

His response is pretty hilarious and he shrugged it off as «just rumors.»

However, LeBrun clarified that the Leafs haven't had any official trade discussions about Marner. He mentioned the Leafs were focused on finding a new head coach, but trade talks could happen as the draft approaches next month.
Just FYI, it's my understanding as of this moment that the Maple Leafs have not spoken to a single team about Mitch Marner. The Leafs were focused on the coaching situation which they've handled now. But there hasn't been any trade conversations regarding Marner.
Obviously we'll see how the next two months play out, no doubt teams will come calling the Leafs on him closer to the draft next month.

The McDonagh trade seems designed to give Trotz the flexibility to pursue a top scorer. The Predators now have a cap hit of $61,654,199 for next season, giving them plenty of room for a major acquisition.
It appears the purpose of the McDonagh trade was to set up Barry Trotz to aggressively pursue a top scorer.

The Preds have been linked with Mitch Marner for the past few weeks and now have a cap hit of $61,654,199 for next season which gives them lots of room for a trade.

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Marner is a polarizing figure among Leafs fans, especially after his recent playoff performance. A move to Nashville could appeal to him, as it offers a supportive yet less intense media environment.
It's not the Mitch Marner stans that are insufferable it's the people who want to throw tomatoes at him in the town square like it's 1311 that are

Stay tuned to Leafs news this offseason, as it seems likely Marner could be traded.
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Pierre Lebrun drops a massive update on a Mitch Marner trade
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Pierre Lebrun drops a major trade update on Mitch Marner

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