William Nylander of the Toronto Maple Leafs interviewed
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William Nylander breaks down his scary injury justifying his absence

Published May 5, 2024 at 6:09 PM

Following the Toronto Maple Leafs loss to the Boston Bruins, forward William Nylander spoke to the media, shedding light on the major injury that sidelined him during crucial games.

Nylander bravely disclosed to the Toronto media that he was grappling with a complex head injury and debilitating migraines, which severely impacted his vision.

William Nylander confirms he was dealing a complicated head issue and eye migraines. Couldn't see clearly.

«I can't really see out of my eyes.»

In discussing the issues that kept him out of the first 3 games of Toronto's first round series, William Nylander revealed the severity of the migraines he was suffering from.

While hints about Nylander's migraines surfaced earlier, the full extent of his struggle was now unveiled. His absence from games becomes clearer in light of the debilitating effects of his condition.

Despite missing crucial matches, Nylander rallied later in the series, contributing significantly to force a Game 7.

As the offseason looms, it's hoped that Nylander can prioritize his health and seek appropriate treatment to manage his migraines, ensuring his well-being and readiness for future challenges.

Source: Hockey Patrol - William Nylander finally breaks his silence on injury
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William Nylander breaks down his scary injury justifying his absence

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