Washington Capitals accused of cheating their way into the playoffs

Graham Montgomery
April 7, 2024  (10:05 PM)

Ottawa Senators goaltender Jonas Korpisalo blinded by sunlight during a game against the Washington Capitals
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The Washington Capitals had a critical game against the Ottawa Senators this afternoon. There was a delay in the game though as sunlight came in at the perfect angle to blind the Senators goaltender.

The Washington Capitals are somehow still in the playoff race for the final spot in the Eastern conference. As it stands today, they are just one point back of the Detroit Red Wings for the 2nd wild card spot. During tonight's game they almost got some help from mother nature as sunlight poured in through the building just at the perfect angle to hit the visiting team's goalie in the face. In tonight's case that happened to be Senators goaltender Jonas Korpisalo.
The solar eclipse pre show already dummy Korpisalo 😂☀️

Many fans were amused by this odd situation. While lots of fans saw the humor in it, others thought that things might be a bit more nefarious.
That's not suspicious or anything

After all, the only sunlight in the entire building that was hitting ice level just so happened to be right in Korpisalo's face. Luckily, the officials blew the play dead when they saw the goaltender waiving at them in distress. Upon arriving at the crease, they clearly saw the problem and agreed that it needed to be addressed before the game could continue.
Have to admit the positioning of that light coming through is suspect....and i dont him one bit for stopping the game

Still though, this feels like a Scooby Doo level plot to help get the Capitals into the playoffs.
Just so perfectly aligned with the opposing goalie's sightline. Nice try Caps.

Unfortunately for the Caps, the game did not go their way despite the assistance from the sun. The team did secure a point, but lost 3-2 in overtime. As a result, they remain one-point back of the last playoff spot. They are tied with the Penguins and Flyers with 83 points while the Islanders have suddenly grabbed the 3rd spot in the Metro with 85. With the race as tight as it is, anything can happen over the final days of the season. Be sure to tune in to see how the race ends.
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Washington Capitals accused of cheating their way into the playoffs

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