BREAKING: Mental Breakdown Leads to Cup Champion Getting Ejected

Published October 15, 2023 at 8:23 PM

In breaking news, this former Stanley Cup champion was ejected for having a breakdown on the ice after a fight.

Clifford Ejected After Taking it Too Far Post Scrap

Kyle Clifford is a notable NHL tough guy who has made a pretty successful career out of sticking up for his teammates and getting his team fired up with physicality. However, he may have taken it one step over the line in a recent fight with Samuel Laberge of the Utica Comets.

Kyle Clifford wants a piece of everyone on the Utica Comets after he drops the gloves with Samuel Laberge.

In the chaos, Clifford breaks one of the unwritten rules of hockey fights, that you don't throw punches once the fight is taken to the ice. Clifford was clearly incensed from something that occurred during the fight, as his rage continued while he was being led to the penalty box. This led him to challenge a number of other players on the ice to a fight, and then another group of Uticah players on the bench to one.


Clifford won two Stanley Cups with the LA Kings during his career and has been with the Leafs organization for the past two seasons now, playing mostly with the Marlies.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - "BREAKING: Veteran Toronto Winger Ejected After Mental Breakdown on the Ice"
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BREAKING: Mental Breakdown Leads to Cup Champion Getting Ejected

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