Former NHL enforcer rips Boko Imama for his actions against Ryan Reaves

Published March 15, 2023 at 1:05 PM

When the Arizona Coyotes took on the Minnesota Wild on Sunday night, things got heated during the 1st period. After Ryan Reaves delivered a huge body check to an Arizona Coyotes defender, rookie Boko Imama challenged the veteran to a fight.

During the exchange Imama tried to encourage Reaves toe fight him right on the center ice dot. The fight was absolutely disappointing and ultimately led to Imama facing some criticism. Former NHL Enforcer John Scott felt that Imama was more worried about his own reputation than he was about standing up for a teammate.

Scott had the following to say.

I'm looking at it a little bit differently, I'm looking at Imama and I'm like are you really doing this for the team? Is this really retribution for your defenceman getting hit, or are you doing this for yourself? Because if you're really pissed off that your teammate got buried like this, you're firing in there and throwing punches. You're not going in there tapping him, backing up and just putting on the whole show and going to center ice. That's what I don't like.

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