Sean Avery Fires A Shot At Ryan Reaves For Shying Away

Published November 8, 2023 at 11:22

Sean Avery has been vocal in his critique of Ryan Reaves's performance with the Toronto Maple Leafs since the season started.

Former NHL Enforcer Sean Avery Criticizes Reaves's Impact in Toronto


Ryan Reaves was acquired by the Leafs primarily to bring a physical presence to the team. He initially delivered, engaging in two fights early in the season.

However, his assertiveness on the ice has since diminished. This was particularly noted when Brad Marchand made a questionable move on Leafs player Timothy Liljegren, which prompted no reaction from Reaves or his teammates, drawing attention from the press.

Sean Avery, a former NHL enforcer, shared his opinion on Reaves and he didn't mince his words:

"He's -8, we all know how bad he is, he can't shoot, and pass in the modern day NHL, that obvious."

"Where was Ryan Reaves after the Brad Marchand can opener?"

"He said he didn't get matched up with Brad Marchand. You're one of the worst players in the league. Of course you're not going to get matched up against Marchand. You still need to find a way to make Marchand scared of you."

Avery Isn't Reaves' Biggest Fan


The spotlight from the Toronto media on Reaves has been intense, leading to both praise and harsh critics.

Avery, who has already once voiced skepticism about Reaves's ability to maintain a spot in the Leafs lineup, reiterated his doubts.

His initial prediction that Reaves might not make it through the season is appearing increasingly plausible.

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Sean Avery Fires A Shot At Ryan Reaves For Shying Away

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