Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers fan fight after game 4
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Furious Rangers fan knocks out Hurricanes fan following game 4

Published May 12, 2024 at 1:31 PM

A furious New York Rangers fan didn't hold back following his team's loss in game 4 as he knocked out a Carolina Hurricanes fan unconscious.

Last night's game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Rangers brought more excitement to the series. However, the post-game chaos extended to the parking lot, where a Rangers fan knocked out a Hurricanes fan.

The Carolina Hurricanes managed to keep their season alive with a thrilling victory in Game 4, thanks to a late third-period goal by Brady Skjei.

Brady Skjei with a big time goal in Game 4 for the Hurricanes to keep Carolina alive

The game concluded, and as fans were leaving the arena, a disturbing incident occurred in the parking lot. A New York Rangers fan assaulted a Carolina Hurricanes supporter, leaving them unconscious on the ground.

if anyone knows the man who was knocked out outside pnc tonight I have a video that has the face of the rangers fan. please contact me if you think it could be of any help

Despite efforts to identify the assailant through a video posted on social media, there have been no updates on the victim's condition or the perpetrator's whereabouts. Hopefully, everyone involved returned home safely.

The two teams are scheduled to play again next Monday at 7 pm. Let's hope that regardless of the game's outcome, such violence does not spill over into the crowd.

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Hurricanes fan knocked unconscious by angry Rangers fan
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Furious Rangers fan knocks out Hurricanes fan following game 4

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