Demko Was Pulled Last Night And The Reason Is Gross

Published October 12, 2023 at 11:54


In a surprising turn of events during last night's game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers, Canucks coach Rick Tocchet pulled goaltender Thatcher Demko in the third period.

Flu Season Opener

This was obviously unexpected because Vancouver was dominant over Edmonton at that point in the game. After the game, Tocchet revealed that Demko was battling the flu, leading to dehydration and even causing him to vomit in his mask, as reported by Elliotte Friedman.

Rick Tocchet says Thatcher Demko was pulled because he is battling the flu, was dehydrated and threw up in his mask

It's not the first flu incident for the Canucks. The team has been managing a flu outbreak in their locker room for several days. Even with the health issue, Demko was eager to participate in the season opener, and Tocchet permitted it. While it's hard to imagine the discomfort, Demko persevered until his limit.

... why are they dressing someone with the flu. Why is he even at the rink? do they want him to infect more of the team?

Saturday Starters Questionable

There's some positive news for the Canucks, though. They won't be playing until Saturday night, offering the squad a few days to recover. Considering their 8-1 triumph over the Oilers, an exciting rematch is anticipated this Saturday at Rogers Place in Edmonton.

To be fair, both Oiler goalies and all their fans also vomited.

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Demko Was Pulled Last Night And The Reason Is Gross

Will Demko be back soon?

Start next game3760.7 %
Out a few weeks2439.3 %
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