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BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Coyotes owner has been ARRESTED

Published March 24, 2023 at 7:30 PM

The Arizona Coyotes are currently facing a slew of challenges, and the situation has just taken a turn for the worse with the announcement that one of the team's minority owners, Andrew Barroway, has been arrested. This development has the potential to cause significant harm to the team's reputation and financial stability.

According to the NHL, Barroway is facing serious charges of felony strangulation, as reported by the Aspen Daily. These charges are undoubtedly alarming, and they could have far-reaching consequences for both Barroway and the team as a whole.

Furthermore, the Arizona Coyotes' recent deal with Arizona State to use Mullet Arena includes a "good behavior" clause. If Barroway is convicted of this serious charge, it could have serious consequences for the team's relationship with Arizona State and potentially jeopardize their use of the arena.

The National Hockey League today issued the following statement regarding Arizona Coyotes' minority owner Andrew Barroway:

"The National Hockey League is aware of the arrest of Arizona Coyotes' minority owner Andrew Barroway. Pending further information, he has been suspended indefinitely."

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