BREAKING: Top prospect REFUSING to sign with Red Wings - TRADE likely INCOMING in offseason

Published March 28, 2023 at 10:07

During their prime, the Detroit Red Wings were widely recognized for their exceptional talent scouting and nurturing skills within their organization. However, in recent times, the team has experienced difficulties in effectively developing their draft picks beyond the first round. Despite a track record of successfully grooming prospects, the Red Wings are now struggling to maintain their authority over their young players.

The team used to operate with a well-established system that included an internal cap, ensuring that all prospects signed with the Red Wings and underwent the team's development process. This system proved to be fruitful for the team in the past, producing numerous talented players who went on to achieve significant success in the NHL.

Regrettably, this structure is slowly eroding. Recent reports from Inside The Rink indicate that the Red Wings will not sign their 2019 2nd round pick, Robert Mastrosimone. This news implies that the team is losing its grip on its prospects, and players are beginning to doubt the efficacy of the Red Wings' development process.

This development is significant for the Red Wings, who have relied heavily on their ability to draft and cultivate players internally to remain competitive in the NHL. Without a robust development system, the team could struggle to maintain their competitiveness in the future. Thus, the decision not to sign Mastrosimone is concerning, and underscores the need for the Red Wings to reassess their approach to player development if they intend to continue succeeding in the NHL.

Here is a statement from the coach at ASU:

He's playing the waiting game and seeing what's going to be available as a free agent. There's a lot of teams that are interested in him, but it doesn't look like Detroit is going to happen. It's just a waiting game, but he has the option to come back. It's a good option, and he's open to it.

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BREAKING: Top prospect REFUSING to sign with Red Wings - TRADE likely INCOMING in offseason

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