Boston Bruins prospect busted wide open during fight

Published March 6, 2023 at 1:15 PM

The art of fighting in professional hockey has become a thing of the past. Each passing year witnesses a decline in the number of fights, making it a rare sight to see a true fighter. Nevertheless, any player who puts their body on the line for their teammates or fans while dropping the gloves deserves respect.

Sunday, Boston Bruins prospect Marc McLaughin attempted to do just that. Unfortunately, he learned that dropping the gloves comes with its risks as he ate some hard shots before being rocked. Within seconds, he found himself on the ice with officials signaling for the medical staff.

When the medical staff reached McLaughlin, he was already drenched in his own blood, and to make matters worse, he appeared to have lost his bearings. He seemed lost on the play, unsure of where to go, not just once but several times.

McLaughlin eventually made his way off the ice with the assistance of the medical staff and did not return to the game due to a suspected head injury. Hopefully, his injuries are not serious.
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