Former NHL Enforcer Takes Side in Feud Between Corey Perry and Ryan Reaves

Published October 24, 2023 at 8:10 PM

Corey Perry and Ryan Reaves have been in an ongoing feud recently and a few people around the hockey world have given us their takes. Recently, one well-known former NHL enforcer shared his thoughts on the situation.

Sean Avery Puts Reaves On Blast

Avery has earned a reputation as someone who likes to comment on drama around the league and he's not afraid to share his honest thoughts. On a recent episode of his podcast, he added his opinions to the Perry v. Reaves debate.

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Sean Avery was known for being an agitator in his day even if he is more commonly referred to as an enforcer. Like Perry, he got under the skin of his opponents, but did not necessarily want to drop the gloves with them. As such, it is not particularly surprising that he would take Perry's side in this drama.

Reaves And Perry Still At It

The two players started feuding when the Blackhawks visited Toronto earlier in the season. The two players engaged in some classic chirping on the benches and some physical on-ice altercations as well. They two players did not drop the gloves despite Reaves insisting they do.

Reaves continued the drama by calling out Perry in an interview.

"He kind of acts tough. He's not tough."

Ryan Reaves had some words for Corey Perry. 👀

The Leafs will take on the Blackhawks again on November 24th.

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Former NHL Enforcer Takes Side in Feud Between Corey Perry and Ryan Reaves

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