Future Hall Of Famer Patrick Kane Reveals How The Chicago Blackhawks Betrayed Him

Published December 1, 2023 at 5:50 PM

Future Hall Of Famer Patrick Kane Opens Up On How The Chicago Blackhawks Betrayed Him

Patrick Kane's decision to sign with the Detroit Red Wings wasn't entirely surprising, with Detroit being a top contender for his next team. Other potential destinations included the Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Florida Panthers.

However Kane recently shared his disapointment, revealing he was hoping for a potential reunion with the Chicago Blackhawks. Despite picking Bedard with their 1sr overall pick and interest in bringing back experienced players to support him, the Blackhawks did not pursue Patrick Kane.

«Yeah, I mean, I never really knew, right?» Kane said. «Especially after that first pick, I was like, ‘OK, maybe they'll try to bring, even like Tazer or myself back.'
«I know when I was a young guy, it really helped having some older guys around like Robert Lang, (Martin) Havlat, Yanick Perrault and Patrick Lalime, guys like that."

"Obviously, we had some young guys coming up that were pretty special players, and that made it pretty easy on me, too. It seemed like they wanted to go in a direction where they were going to bring in some different type of veterans."

A potential reunion with the Blackhawks would have added a heartwarming chapter to Kane's legacy, considering his pivotal role in leading them to multiple Stanley Cups.

Bedard Reveals How Odd It Is For Patrick Kane Signing With Detroit

Even rising star Connor Bedard finds it strange to see Kane in a jersey other than Chicago. In a post-announcement interview, Bedard remarked,

«It's weird for every hockey fan not seeing him in Chicago. It's probably weird for him too.»
—Connor Bedard on Patrick Kane joining the Detroit Red Wings and how much Kane's still discussed in Chicago #Blackhawks

The hockey world anticipates a unique moment when Kane faces the Blackhawks and Bedard on the ice for the first time on February 25th, as the Red Wings take on the Blackhawks.

As reported on House of Hockey - "Patrick Kane Shares How The Blackhawks Betrayed Him And Jonathan Toews"
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Future Hall Of Famer Patrick Kane Reveals How The Chicago Blackhawks Betrayed Him

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