Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals The NHL's Next Franchise

Published December 7, 2023 at 6:07 PM

Insight on Potential New NHL Expansion Cities by Elliotte Friedman


Elliotte Friedman, in his recent edition of 32 Thoughts, shed light on the likelihood of Salt Lake City becoming the next NHL expansion location.

Apropos of nothing, the International Olympic Committee bestowed Salt Lake City with «preferred bidder» status for the 2034 Winter Games. Basically, it means the organizing committee enters exclusive talks with the IOC to close the deal. (The official decision will be made next July.) A successful Olympic bid means a new arena for hockey, which makes Utah an even more attractive (and likely) NHL destination.

Securing the Olympics could pave the way for the NHL's expansion into Utah, especially with Ryan Smith, the owner of the Utah Jazz, expressing his desire to bring an NHL team to the state. This development puts Salt Lake City in a favorable position for an NHL team.

Current discussions also include Quebec City as a potential contender for NHL expansion. Quebec City, already equipped with a suitable arena and a community eager for the return of an NHL team, remains a strong candidate. However, there seems to be reluctance from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and the league in adding another team in Quebec.

Salt Lake City, on the other hand, presents a more viable option, especially with the possibility of hosting the 2034 Winter Olympics. Introducing an NHL team to Utah would mark a significant expansion of the league in the United States, as the state has never hosted an NHL team.

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As seen on Markerzone - Elliotte Friedman Reveals the Path for Salt Lake City to Join the NHL
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Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals The NHL's Next Franchise

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