NHL Considering Bringing Outdoor Game to Mexico City

Published September 22, 2023 at 8:58 PM

The Puck Empire Instagram account posted today that the NHL is apparently interested in hosting an outdoor game in Mexico City at some point.

The post cites Greg Wyshynski, who is known to be a fairly reliable source.

The NHL Goes Global

Whether this would be a regular season game or some kind of pre-season event remains uncertain but starting off the regular season in foreign countries would be nothing new to the NHL. Last season, San Jose and Nashville officially kicked the season off playing two games in Prague, Czechia.

This year, The NHL has begun to expand the global series to less familiar markets by hosting two pre-season games in the land down under. the Kings and Coyotes are set to face each other in Melbourne Australia, beginning tomorrow.

What could be an even more obscure hockey market than Australia? How about Mexico? Seems logical that the NHL global series would continue to expand into underserved hockey markets like Mexico City.
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NHL Considering Bringing Outdoor Game to Mexico City

Where should the next global series games be?

Mexico4524.6 %
United Kingdom5127.9 %
Japan4424 %
Italy4323.5 %
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