Paul Bissonnette and Brad Marchand take hilarious shots at Jordan Binnington

Published April 2, 2023 at 7:22 PM

Brad Marchand was known for his irritating and disruptive behavior on the ice, which earned him the nickname of "pest" or "rat" among fans and players alike. His reputation as one of the most disliked players in the league was well-established for several years.

However, in recent times, Marchand's focus has shifted towards becoming a more productive and effective scoring forward. While he hasn't entirely abandoned his previous antics, he has certainly reduced them, and his performances have elevated him to the status of a true top-line star.

In contrast, the player currently grabbing the headlines as the most despised in the league is Jordan Binnington, the goaltender for the St. Louis Blues. Binnington has been involved in several situations where he instigated fights, challenged opposing goalies, and even took the unprecedented step of approaching the opposing team's bench to challenge the entire squad.

Given Binnington's consistent and provocative behavior, it's no surprise that many fans and players have grown tired of his antics. In fact, his reputation has become something of a running joke among many hockey enthusiasts.

Bissonnette: He's a bit of a loose cannon like you, does it make you hesitant to go to the crease area when a goalie like that, who's fit for a straight-jacket, is playing

Marchand: He makes me look like a good guy, though, I used to be the most hated, but I think he's kind of taken that over now.

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Paul Bissonnette and Brad Marchand take hilarious shots at Jordan Binnington

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