Ryan Hartman TAUNTS Jordan Binnington after scoring short handed goal

Published April 9, 2023 at 12:01

The Minnesota Wild played against the St. Louis Blues in a thrilling match last night, which resulted in the Wild securing a well-earned 5-3 victory. The two teams, who are known for their intense rivalry, showcased their skills and fought tooth and nail to clinch the win.

It's worth noting that a few weeks ago, during a previous game between the Wild and the Blues, there was a bit of a commotion involving Wild forward Ryan Hartman and Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington. During the game, Hartman scored a goal and celebrated by bumping into Binnington, who was clearly agitated by the gesture. This led to a tense exchange of words and actions between the two players, with Binnington being visibly upset and trying to confront Hartman on the ice.

In last night's game, Ryan Hartman seized the opportunity to get some revenge against Jordan Binnington. With his team short-handed, Hartman made a breakaway towards the Blues' net, while Binnington left his net in an attempt to disrupt the play. However, Hartman showed his skills by evading Binnington's efforts and successfully scoring into an open net. To make matters worse for Binnington, Hartman then proceeded to taunt him during his celebratory display.

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Ryan Hartman TAUNTS Jordan Binnington after scoring short handed goal

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