Wayne Gretzky's Surprising Remark on Adam Johnson's Passing Leaves Many Stunned

Published November 1, 2023 at 11:07 PM

The hockey world has been a lot more conscientious of player safety since Adam Johnson tragically passed away last weekend. One former NHLer is not completely convinced about the circumstances surrounding his death though.

Gretzky Makes Interesting Comment About Adam Johnson

TNT hosted its first NHL coverage tonight since former Penguin Adam Johnson tragically passed away last weekend. The Panel discussed the importance of player safety, talking about how previous rules changes impacted their careers. During the discussion though, Wayne Gretzky appeared to suggest Johnson's death may not have been as accidental as we have been led to believe.

"Well its just, first of all, such a sad story, not only for the Johnson family but for the other player that sort of committed the so-called accident."

Others Share Gretzky's Opinion

Notably, Gretzky did not get any pushback from the rest of the panel for this statement. Perhaps they did not notice it or thought it was not a big deal, but Gretzky seems to imply that while Johnson's death was not the intended outcome, perhaps the play was not entirely on accident.

Another possibility is that the rest of the panel actually shares his opinion so they did not feel the need to step in there. Afterall, three of the panelists are former NHL players and other former NHLers have already stated that the play looked reckless or at the very least.

According to Tom Burrows of the Athletic, Johnson's family is not convinced the play was completely unintentional either.

"Kari Johnson said that the family were looking for justice for Johnson and wanted a 'complete investigation'. 'I just want them to get it right', she said. 'You don't take your leg and kick somebody and cut their throat. There are a few of us that think it was a very, very bad action to take.»

U.K. police are currently investigating the matter.

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Wayne Gretzky's Surprising Remark on Adam Johnson's Passing Leaves Many Stunned

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