Former Ottawa Senators forward Bobby Ryan
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Bobby Ryan under fire after social media outburst on women sports

Published April 3, 2024 at 1:11 PM

Former NHL player Bobby Ryan sparked controversy with a recent social media post criticizing women sports.

The Iowa Hawkeyes victory over the LSU Tigers in the NCAA Women's Basketball Elite 8 drew significant attention, with 12.3 million viewers tuning in, as reported by CBC. Meghan Chayka, founder of Stathlete, expressed her delight at the high viewership on social media.

Meghan Chayka: "Why does it seem like everyone is watching women's basketball??

Oh because EVERYONE is watching."

Bobby Ryan: "Name 7 players. Not 1. Not 25-7. First and last names go for it."

Ryan, known for sharing his opinions online since retiring from professional hockey, didn't hold back. He challenged followers to name seven players from the game, drawing ire from insider Chris Johnston.

Chris Johnston: "Hey @Bobbyry5409, buzz off with this nonsense."

Bobby Ryan: "Actually watch this Chris."

"Hey Chris Johnson I'm sorry this got a little further than you thoughtwhile we use the word «nonsense» are we just going to skip over your conflict of interest? Or we gonna skip over it? Have a great night!"

Ryan then accused Johnston of a conflict of interest before the exchange escalated.


The incident drew widespread criticism, and as the story unfolds, updates are expected.

Source: Markerzone - Bobby Ryan under fire after rant on Caitlin Clark and women's sports
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Bobby Ryan under fire after social media outburst on women sports

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