Brothers Marcus and Nick Foligno in a pre-game interview on live TV
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Foligno Brothers Roast Taylor Swift On Live TV

Published February 8, 2024 at 11:11
Marcus and Nick Foligno went head-to-head last night as the Minnesota Wild took on the Chicago Blackhawks faced off. Before the game, they held an entertaining pre-game interview.


The Foligno Brothers Share a Lighthearted Moment on Live TV with Paul Bissonnette Regarding Taylor Swift

During a pre-game interview on TNT with Paul Bissonnette, Marcus and Nick Foligno engaged in some playful banter that led to one of the funniest interviews of the season.

Indeed, they claimed their wives are more attractive than Taylor Swift.

Read the full conversation here:

"-Boys. It's busier. I love listening to you guys josh back and forth. Now, any chance you guys gain inspiration from the Kelce brothers and start your own podcast and continue this joshing?

-Nick actually brought that up one day. I don't think we're as interesting.

-Yeah, no, those guys are dating Taylor Swift and our wives are hotter...

-It's good you're not going to end up in the dog house.

-This is the beginning of one of you potentially dating someone on the level of Taylor Swift, though, so come on.

-Yeah, well, that ship sailed long time ago. Their wives are hotterly."

For those interested in viewing the video, it can be found here:

This exchange between the Foligno brothers not only provided a memorable TV moment but also sparked hope for a future podcast filled with more thrilling stories from the brothers.

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Foligno Brothers Roast Taylor Swift On Live TV

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