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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the Winnipeg Jets logo
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Winnipeg Jets Relocation Rumors Intensify Following Major Gary Bettman Meeting

Published February 27, 2024 at 5:23 PM

A recent post has ignited the hockey community and fueled speculation about the potential relocation of the Winnipeg Jets. This announcement coincides with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman's visit to Winnipeg to address concerns about the team's future.

Gary Bettman Travels To Winnipeg Following News Of Attendance Issues

Bettman's trip follows reports of declining attendance numbers for the Jets over the past three years. According to insider Chris Johnston, Bettman's meetings with important corporate sponsors will play a crucial role in determining the Jets fate, including the possibility of relocation.

Chris Johnston on Insider Trading says NHL is monitoring the situation in Winnipeg, they have seen an above 30% drop in the last 3 years in their ticket base. Gary Bettman will be in Winnipeg on Tuesday to meet with some of the team's important corporate sponsors.

Ryan Smith Makes A Push To Bring A Team To Utah

Meanwhile, Ryan Smith, owner of the Utah Jazz, has expressed keen interest in bringing an NHL team to Utah. Smith's plans for revitalizing downtown Salt Lake City include the addition of NBA and NHL franchises, emphasizing the potential for a vibrant sports scene.

Downtown Salt Lake City is the heart of Utah. Our efforts are not about an arena, it's about revitalizing a downtown that desperately needs investment. Imagine a downtown experience like this with the NBA / NHL at its core.

Smith's public statements align with ongoing discussions about the Jets, hinting at a possible partnership between the NHL and Utah. This suggests that Salt Lake City could become home to an NHL team in the near future.
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Winnipeg Jets Relocation Rumors Intensify Following Major Gary Bettman Meeting

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